ADAssessor Partner Training
7th June 9:30 - 11:00am
Join Attivo Networks ADAssessor Training on the 7th of June and get a FOC ADAssessor License for use in your own Lab environment, plus 2 FOC Temporary Licenses for use with potential customers!
(These 2 Week Trial Licenses are usually £1000 each!)

This Training Session Includes:
-  Introduction to ADAssessor
-  AdAssessor Live Demo
-  Guide on how to deploy ADAssessor
-  ADAssessor reporting and Understanding key vulnerabilities

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Why ADAssessor for Active Directory Security?
Active Directory is one of the main targets of attack because it contains the required information that attackers need to expand their access, establish persistence, elevate privileges, move laterally, and identify targets to attack. By identifying critical AD exposures and alerting on attacks that target them, organisations improve their security before attackers can compromise their AD data.

In addition to real-time attack detection, the solution also provides visibility into critical domain, computer, and user-level exposures. These insights easily show identities and service account risk related to credentials, privileged accounts, stale accounts, shared credentials, and AD attack paths. The solution gathers this information efficiently from the domain, so it does not impact day to day Active Directory operations or employee access to resources
How ADAssessor for Active Directory Protection Works
Organisations can quickly set up the ADAssessor solution through a single domain-joined system. There are no extra privileges required. The cloud-based management console is then easily accessed through an Attivo CloudLink service.

Once deployed, the solution:
- Immediately detects vulnerabilities in the AD environment, including misconfigurations, excessive privileges, or data        
- Discovers weaknesses before attackers can exploit them and to reduce the attack surface.
- Automatically monitors AD, analyzing changes and new exposures that indicate possible malicious activity.
- Runs continuously or on-demand to protect Active Directory

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