Online Knowledge Session | Tuesday 24 May | 10h - 11h

In our rapidly changing IT Network & Security industry, we are bombarded with new technologies, new solutions and new abbreviations every single day.  To make sure nobody is kept in the dark, Xplained is here to shed light on all (deep) technical mumbo jumbo.

Xplained will help you dot your I’s and cross your T’s so you can keep up with the latest security concepts or get a refresh of mature technologies.

This edition focusses on Asset Management.  
Asset management and understanding what you have in your network seems basic. But did you know the first step to implementing a Zero Trust strategy and achieving exceptional security hygiene is building and maintaining an inventory of your critical assets.
Nearly every security team that wants to avoid increasing their attack surface and being the victim of a high-profile breach is asking themselves “How can we implement a zero trust strategy”?  A Zero Trust strategy is rooted in the principle of “never trust, always verify” — which minimizes risk by securing sensitive data, systems, and services. But all too often, security teams discover that they don't have visibility they need to do this.
During this session, we’ll share how teams can approach zero trust principles and how keeping an asset inventory can help answer the toughest zero trust questions:

  • What device is trying to access corporate assets?  
  • What vulnerabilities exist on my applications and services?  
  • Which users have access to critical resources?  
  • Is my zero trust application managed or unmanaged? 

Get ready to go from asset management to asset intelligence.  Register today and dive into the wondrous world of Asset Management.

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