Capture the Flag Challenge - Exabeam
Interactive Challenge for Techies | 10 November | Online

  • Do you know how log based UEBA (User Behaviour and Entity Analytics) works?
  • Are you familiar with how it is leveraged as a part of the XDR solution stack for security investigations?
  • Have you ever been frustrated by traditional raw log based security analysis? 
If any of above points resonate with you, we want to welcome you to join this Capture The Flag Challenge organized by Exclusive Networks and Exabeam. 
We begin the session by 30 minutes introduction to Exabeam’s intuitive Fusion XDR security platform. After introduction participants will complete hands-on security challenges for the next 2 hours. Once an individual challenge is solved, a “flag” is given and points awarded for speed and accuracy. Challenges vary in their degree of difficulty and may require several different skill sets to solve.
Participants do not need to have prior experience of using Exabeam. The platform is easy and intuitive to use and in-game support will be provided by our team.  
13h00 - Welcome and Introduction to Exabeam Fusion XDR platform.  
13h30 - Capture the Flag Challenge!
15h15 - Results and Wrap Up
15h30 - End 

Wednesday 10 November

Basic cybersecurity knowledge is recommended



Exclusive Networks BeLux, A. Stocletlaan 202, 2570 Duffel