Extreme Networks Test Flight
Technical Webinar | Thursday 25 March | 10h - 11h

The goal of this webinar is to get you acquainted with the Extreme Networks solutions.  Join this webinar and learn how to create a cloud account to configure and monitor Extreme Network devices.  

Participants walk away with a working setup and can continue to use it after the event.  Experience for yourself how easy it is to setup a network and start obtaining insights using Cloud platform

More info on Extreme Networks Wireless Solutions can be found here.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding Cloud Evolution
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Solution
  • Key features of ExtremeCloud IQ
  • ExtremeClous IQ licenses – Connect vs Pilot
  • Configuration overview
  • Insights and monitoring capabilities
  • Device Firmware updates
  • ExtremeCloud IQ - registrations
  • Live Demo:
  • Onboard a device
  • Configure a network policy
  • Monitoring


Exclusive Networks BeLux, A. Stocletlaan 202, 2570 Duffel