NSE 2 Certification Day
Sales Training & Certification Exam | Wednesday 5 February

In this 1-day session we’ll guide you through the different modules of the NSE 2 certification track to help you sell more Fortinet Solutions. At the end of the day you will leave the classroom as a NSE 2 certified sales person!

In NSE 2, the Evolution of Cybersecurity, you will learn about the different types of security solutions to address problems of the Threat Landscape - seen in NSE 1 - that organizations and individuals face today.

The tests after each module will be dealt with together.

Prerequisites :

  • All participants are already NSE 1 certified
  • All participants need to bring their laptop
  • All participants need valid credentials to access the Fortinet partner portal


09h30 - Welcome & Breakfast

10h00 - NSE 2 (5 modules)

12h30 - Lunch

13h30 - NSE 2 (4 modules)

15h00 - Break

15h15 - NSE 2 (3 modules + content feedback)

17h00 - End with drinks at the bar


Exclusive Networks 
A. Stocletlaan 202
2570 Duffel

Exclusive Networks BeLux, A. Stocletlaan 202, 2570 Duffel