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With their FIDO Key Thales offers you convenience and excellent security. These tokens guarantee superior certification, security and the broadest use case support and they’re so easy to use: plug-in your token, follow the step-by-step guide you’ll receive with your order and get started.

FIDO2 is a passwordless authentication method so your employees and clients won’t need to remember passwords anymore, which will improve your security. FIDO is based on open standards and doesn’t need any separate infrastructure. And, since FIDO relies on user self-registration, IT teams do not have to manage token enrollment or registration, lowering admin overheads and helpdesk costs. Win-win!

Thales controls the entire manufacturing cycle and develops its own FIDO crypto libraries. This reduces the risk of FIDO devices being compromised. Moreover, FIDO2 is a phishing-resistant authentication technology. The key provides protection against MiTM attacks because it relies on asymmetric Public Key Cryptography and possession-based authentication.

Thales devices are certified to the highest standards, including ANSSI, FIPS and CC. Third-party independent certification attests to the overall security and integrity of the FIDO device.

Thales FIDO devices support multiple use cases and integrate with your existing IAM schemes. That way you can ensure the broadest possible MFA footprint in your organization.

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