Take Cyber Risk Management to the next level
Guardian360 Webinar | Thursday 21 January | 11h00 - 11h45

Hacks, ransomware and data leaks are in the news every day.  Although organisations are investing heavily in automation and security, they have no idea if they have done enough. In addition, the GDPR imposes a data breach to be reported within 72 hours.  But how do you know you have a data breach?  These are just the technical aspects of information security.  

People and processes also need attention to keep IT environments as secure as possible. Think of ISO27001, NEN7510 and other standards. Do you ever wonder how susceptible employees are to phishing?  

Find out the answers during a 45-minute interactive webinar with demo.  Specialists from Guardian360 will discuss the broad playing field of information security and link this to risk management. 

  • What aspects are important in improving information security?
  • What elements of risk management should be applied?
  • How to automate (a lot)?
  • How can management dashboards easily identify risks?
  • How does your own website scores on our Quickscan?


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