How to move to the cloud?
Cost-efficient & Secure
Nuaware Business Session | Friday 28 May | 10h00 - 10h45

How do you serve your customers faster, better, smarter? That’s an easy one: with Cloud Native technology, culture, and strategy. But how do you get started in moving your organisation toward the cloud? That’s not so easy.  

  • How do you migrate your infrastructure & application to the cloud? 
  • How do you enable cloud solutions in a cost-efficient way? 
  • And how do you do all of that while staying secure?
During this webinar, we’ll discuss the journey to secure your applications in the cloud. Patrick van der Bleek (Lead Architect) and Wiebe De Roos (DevSecOps Consultant) will bridge the gap between the strategy of an organisation, the right (technical) architecture and the (infrastructure) components. So we will not only be focussing on the technical details, but will also cover the business-related aspects.
All registrants receive a copy of the book:  Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation (O’Reilly Media, 2020). It can be used as a blueprint for Cloud Native Transformation. Don’t worry: you don’t need to be an engineer to understand it. It’s written as a survival kit for anyone whose organisation is thinking about how to reduce its risks and stay competitive in an uncertain business environment. 
Key webinar takeaways:
  • Justification to modernise Security departments (CISO and SOC).
  • Understand the value of a DevSecOps approach to the business departments.
  • Engage with your customers to help them with their cloud security journey
  • How to deal with data protection and firewalls in the cloud 
  • Deal with application security vulnerabilities and defend against hackers


Wiebe de Roos - Freelance CI/CD & Cloud (Security) Consultant at Nuaware 
Wiebe de Roos is a passionated DevSecOps Consultant. He supported some of the largest regulated enterprises in The Netherlands with application modernisation and ensuring containerised applications are secure and compliant during the DevOps transformation. Security is always an integral part in everything he is involved in. His mission is to help companies improve and speed up their Dev(Sec)Ops journey. More info at "Business IT Nerd"

Patrick van der Bleek  - Lead Solutions Architect at Nuaware 
Patrick is an experienced Solutions Architect, specialising in Cloud Native technologies, Security and DevOps. He is capable of bridging the gap between business and technology, but will also happily embrace a deep technical conversation with his customers. Before joining Nuaware, he held similar positions at Red Hat , Docker and Gremlin.

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