Silverfort: the Next Generation
of Multi-Factor Authentication
Technical Workshop | Tueday 4 February | Exclusive Networks

Weak and stolen credentials are still the nr 1 cause of data breaches.  As such multi-Factor has become a “no brainer” today, seeing it’s a very effective way of preventing hackers from mis-using your static password.
However traditional multi-factor security solutions typically only protect the entrance to your environment: the perimeter firewall or f.i. your terminal server environment.  But what if a hacker is already IN your network?  Infected workstations are generally accessible by the intruder and are often used to move laterally throughout the network in order to reach the real target such as a file server with valuable data.  Current multi-factor authentication solutions cannot prevent this from happening. They will not even see it.

Learn how Silverfort is different.

Silverfort protects all authentication accesses, by any user or system, via any device, to any application or server, including sensitive resources that could not be protected until today (such as proprietary systems and applications, file servers and IT infrastructure).
This is achieved regardless of the location of the resource even in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Silverfort’s authentication platform doesn’t require any configuration or software installation on client devices and servers. Therefore, it only takes a few hours to deploy and start using Silverfort, even in a large network.
The user experience doesn’t change: users can continue to access resources the same way they did before, without any portals or gateways.
In this half day workshop you will learn all about Silverfort,  have the opportunity to ask all your questions and see the solution in action in a live demo.

12h30   Welcome & Lunch
13h00   Why Silverfort & Use cases
14u45   Break
15u00   Live demo
16u00   Closing drink

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