Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security for Microsoft 365
07 July - workshop with LIVE Demo

Learn during this technical workshop with LIVE demo how to Cyber-proof your Microsoft 365 application stack with air-gapped, immutable data resilience and rapid recovery at any scale.
Security Fabric Challenge
14 July - technical contest

The Fortinet Security Fabric Challenge is a skill-based competition that consists of small teams competing against the clock and against other teams to complete several technical challenges 
Cloud Network Security on Azure
28 July - Ultimate Test Drive

Get hands-on with the Palo Alto Networks solutions for Microsoft Azure® during an Ultimate Test Drive (UTD) to discover how you can achieve comprehensive cloud security.
Real engineers don't click
4 August - technical workshop

Did you ever think about moving your workloads to the cloud? Probably the answer is yes, the real question is how you plan to do this…
Learn how to stop a real life attack
11 August - Hands-on Technical Workshop

Learn how to deploy SentinelOne and Silverfort in your own virtualized environment. You will discover their detection capabilities yourself in our hands-on lab by a real life attack scenario. 
Constructing a Secure SD-WAN Architecture
18 August - Fast Track workshop

The traditional WAN is struggling because it  can’t keep up with shifting and often temporary resource allocation and workloads. Learn how Secure SD-WAN solves these problems.
The Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE)
25 August - workshop with LIVE Demo

Learn how to leverage the capabilities of Netskope for visibility in cloud and web apps, secure access for on-prem applications and secure your endpoint’s traffic.
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