Are your defenses up to the task? Get insights quickly with the Security Lifecycle Review (SLR)!
We all know visibility is the key to prevent breaches and SLR enables precisely that: unmatched situational awareness and visibility into network traffic, provided by Palo Alto Networks (PANW) Next Generation Firewall solution (NGFW).

All you need is to place an NGFW device (appliance or virtual) into the network as a passive non-intrusive element. No disruptions or changes to network infrastructure are required. Leave it there and let it collect traffic data for 7 days. The traffic metadata collected by the device is then uploaded into Palo Alto Networks' data lake and enriched with PANW threat intelligence to gain visibility into your network.
Need more insights into your network environment?
Are high risk applications being used by employees?

Is there lateral movement inside the network pointing to an attacker's hidden presence?

Are public facing services (VPN, web apps) being exploited or brute forced?

Is risky traffic being tunneled and bypassing existing security policies?

Is DNS being used to infiltrate malware or exfiltrate data?

Are there bot infected devices lurking on the network?
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