The Thales PKI portfolio event is finally here, browse the event content below and make sure to register quickly, limited spaces are available.
Join us on Tuesday the 20th of September to discover more about Thales’ PKI portfolio and how Thales can modernise your customers’ PKI today.  Look at the event content below and make sure to register quickly as limited spaces are available!

The following products/solutions will be highlighted:

-Smartcards and E-Tokens for PKI, FIDO and Physical Access.
-Card readers
-Certificate and Card management systems (CMS)
-Virtual Smartcards: Software based smartcards in the cloud. (IDPV)
-Thales IDPV solution for mobile (VMware guest speaker)

Learn more about end user use cases and customer success stories:

1. A customer was already using Thales smartcards for their physical access security. They needed to deploy FIDO authentication. Thales were able to combine both requirements into one smartcard.

2. How Thales helps customers manage certificates securely and efficiently.

3. How and why customers with new PKI requirements chose Thales.

On the day there will also be Live Demo's of:

1. Virtual Smartcard IDPV, How can you use this for signing, encryption and authentication.

2.Certificate Management (CMS). What can you do with it beside Certificate Management

3. At this session we will have FIDO keys that can be trialed, tested and kept! So please bring your Laptop or NFC enabled mobile phone with you. 

Registration for this event is now closed.

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