Adopt Zero Trust
with Silverfort’s Agentless Authentication 

Webinar | Thursday 6 August | 14h - 15h

Current IT revolutions such as Cloud, IoT and BYOD force dramatic changes upon corporate networks boundaries, with countless devices and services getting connected. Numerous user, system and service accounts provide several levels of access. With no clear network boundaries, Identity is the new perimeter. The Zero Trust model brings us the new reality of account management: no account can be trusted, not outside nor inside the network.

Silverfort’s Next-Generation Authentication Platform allows you to harden basic authentication for any user on any system, including systems that were considered “unprotectable” until today, without any modifications to endpoints and servers. Silverfort enables organizations to address a wide variety of Zero Trust use cases and compliance needs.

In this webinar we introduce you to the model of Zero Trust account management, how you can manage authentication and access into your organisation using Silverfort secure authentication and Zero Trust access policies.

14h00 - SilverFort Webinar
  • Introduction Silverfort
  • Next-Generation Authentication Platform
  • Demo
  •  Q&A
15h00 - End


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