Vision One is a purpose-built threat defense platform that provides security risk visibility and XDR capabilities so customers can detect more and respond faster.
threat defense platform for SOC and security teams.
Detect and Respond
across more security layers for a comprehensive XDR capability: from endpoints, over e-mail to network and cloud.
Visibility and Attack Surface Risk Management
with role-based views and insight to understand overall security posture and quickly focus on what is important and needs attention
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For whom is Trend Micro Vision One ideally suited?
Customers who are security conscious, but haven’t achieved security maturity in terms of having the proper processes in place
Customers who may have a security information and event
management (SIEM) in place, but it is not
providing the actionable insights they
Customers who may have multiple disconnected security
solutions, including EDR, but are limited in theirability to integrate and combineinformation
between data silos in each solution
Customers who have constrained security expertise or
Trend Micro Vision One can be purchased in two ways:
As a standalone threat detection and response solution
across endpoint, email, server, and/or network sensors.
Co-existing with third-party EDR or endpoint antimalware solutions
As an integrated solution with
Trend Micro protection products