Is your MFA phishing-resistant?

Having MFA protection is not good enough anymore. 

Although there are still many organizations not using MFA to authenticate their users, even those that are using it are now vulnerable to the latest phishing techniques.

Many companies have recently been breached via the new MFA phishing attacks - Twilio, Mailchimp and Cloudflare are just some of the most well known.

Most of today's multi-factor authentication methods are not immune to attackers deceiving users into revealing access information. Attempts to compromise the authentication process include man-in-the-middle attacks, spear phishing, brute force attacks, and credential stuffing

And it's a matter of time before something like this happens to you.

Passwords are also causing security breaches

Insecure password logins are responsible for over 80% of data breaches.

20-50% of Helpdesk calls are password-related.

Do you have a password problem? Your MFA is not phishing-resistant by itself, and you must additionally configure a conditional access policy?

It's time you try FIDO2

FIDO2 addresses the global concerns of traditional authentication. It removes the risk of phishing and attackers launching cyberattacks by exploiting weak passwords. 

FIDO2 allows customers to easily authenticate to services by leveraging common devices. FIDO Standard is based on public key cryptography for authentication. With password-only logins in both mobile and desktop environments, authentication is quick and secure. 

By replacing passwords with FIDO-compliant devices, you will get a modern passwordless MFA experience. 

Discover the benefits of Thales FIDO2

Certified for FIPS, U2F and FIDO to meet the EU and US regulations

Easy to plug in and manage

Compatible with Azure AD and Microsoft

Robust security with Thales hardware, software and crypto-libraries

Covers multiple physical and logical access scenarios

Multiple use cases

Want to test FIDO2 yourself? Contact us!
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