Next-Gen S3-compatible Object Storage; The Journey to an AI-Ready Data Lake
Webinar | May 7th | 10:00 CET
Dive into the future of data management with our webinar on Next-Gen S3-compatible Object Storage, and discover how Cloudian’s AI-Ready Data Lake is revolutionizing the way we store and harness data. Don’t miss out on the insights that could redefine your organization’s data strategy.

Here's why this event is a must-attend:
  • Evolution of Enterprise Storage
  • Object Storage Heritage
  • The Dawn of Cyberstorage
  • On-Premises Cloud Tech
  • Integrated Cloud Solutions
  • Data Sovereignty
  • The S3cure Hybrid Data Lake

Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your organization's data management strategies.
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The webinar will be hosted by:
Adam Dagnall, Senior SE Director, EMEA
Adam has worked in the IT storage industry since 2001 in various architect roles including leading positions at companies such as Compellent and Dell. He currently manages a team of SE’s at Cloudian covering the EMEA territory. Adam has been working with Cloudian’s enterprise customers for over 7 years and has experience in deploying HyperStore for on-premise S3 storage in several different configurations and for many different use cases.

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