Thank you for your interest in our virtual training courses. They offer a real opportunity for you to add value and earn extra margin by reselling to your customers. With so many working remotely, cybercriminals will be looking for weak points so now is a great time to convince customers to bridge any cybersecurity skills gaps, learn how to use their solutions properly and get the most from their technology investment.  
Our two most popular courses for Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet are available at 45% discount until the end of 2020, but we have discounts on all virtual courses.

How do Virtual Training Courses Work?  

GoToTraining provides split screen slide presentation and classroom video with audio from the dedicated 4K colour camera and dedicated noise cancelling microphone, where they see the trainer presenting the course slides.  Participation is encouraged with a chat text feature and student microphones. When explanations require diagrams, the trainer can focus the camera onto a well illuminated whiteboard so students can clearly see any illustrations and ask questions as required.


Interested in Co-brandable Emails?

If you would like to make use of our co-brandable emails on the Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks courses, please complete the form on the left and we will send the html files to you for you to add your company contact details, logo and pricing.

Indicate if you need help with co-branding, we can amend the html with a logo where provided, input your pricing and company details.

You are welcome to take the content and put it in your own email templates.

Downloadable images for you to use on social media will also be sent for you to share.   

If you would like to include more detail for your customers on the course content, we can also make those available for you to include in your campaign or on your landing page.  

Thank you for your interest

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